Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Maximize Space in Your College Dorm Room


Save Space in Your Dorm Room

It’s a tough transition to move from your nice, comfy room at home to the tight quarters of a dorm room at college.
Not only are the rooms small, but freshmen are typically doubled, which means they have another person, a roommate, living with them in the same room. However, colleges are now accepting so many more students that if you don’t send in your acceptance letters by a specific deadline, you’re probably going to be tripled! Yes, that means you now have two roommates squeezed in with you instead of one.
Either way, whether you’ve got one roommate or two, you’re going to need to know the best ways to save space in your cramped college dorm room.

Space Saver #1

Under the bed storage is going to be your best bet when it comes to saving space. Before you even move in, check with the school to see if bed risers are allowed in rooms. If they’re not, ask if the beds can manually be elevated to the height of your preference. Normally, the bed can be raised up and down between two distinct heights.
Now that your bed is at your desired height, you should have oodles of space to put stackable tubs underneath. The clothes that don’t fit into your closet are going to have to be put into the tubs under the bed. Food, blankets, shoes, and laundry baskets will also all have a perfect little storage place under your bed.

Space Saver #2

Storing clothes in the teeny, tiny dorm room closets is always a major ordeal, especially for the students that overpack. Everyone has clothes that have to be hung up, so make sure you invest in space-saving hangers that have multiple rows. This allows you to hang pants, jeans, skirts, and scarves, all on one hanger. The more pieces of clothing that you can get onto one hanger, the better!
For girls with lots of small accessories, you can also buy jewelry organizers that can hang in your closet so that you have extra desk or dresser space.

Space Saver #3

Another good idea to consider is putting your toiletries (and makeup, for girls) in a small, desk-sized 3-drawer organizer. These are the perfect size to fit your deodorant, hair products, perfume/ cologne, makeup, and other necessities in an organized, compact space.
Then you can stack another 3 drawer organizer on top that is filled with pens, pencils, sharpies, note cards, post-its, and other office supplies. These little organizers are a great way to maximize the small amount of desk and counter space you’re going to have in your room.

Space Saver #4

If you’re planning on having a TV in your room, it’s really practical to get a tall, open TV stand. You can put the TV, DVD player, and iHome on top, along with DVDs and CDs. Below, you can place your microwave, refrigerator, toaster, and any other devices you may have brought with you. This is a great way to situate multiple products in one small area. And because these items will constitute most of your electric needs, having them all in one place will ensure that you don’t have extension cords running across your room in every direction.

Space Saver #5

The most important space-saving tip I can offer you is to communicate with your roommate before move in day! If you don’t talk about who is bringing what, then you could both end up bringing the same exact items. And dorm rooms are much too small for two mini fridges.


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